Famous Tarot Card Readers

Famous Tarot Card Readers

Tarot cards are said to behold the power to peek into your future. Here we list the most famous tarot card readers of all time. Tarot cards are not a mere toy for those who believe in destiny or mystics but a divination tool. Existence of tarot has been since 1425 but it was not until the late 18th and early 19th century that tarot cards were adopted by psychic readers. Whether you believe in the ability of tarot cards to predict future and foresee events that affect your life or not, still there are many around the world who claim to be benefited from the mystic powers of tarot.

Over the years, many tarot readers have made their mark in the history of occultism but there are a few who truly made a dent in the universe with their ability to use tarot cards for benefit humanity. Here we will be listing those torchbearers who not only revived the craft of tarot reading, but also benefited people in need with their knowledge of the subject.

Antoine Court de Gebelin (1725-84)

Antoine can be attributed for the development of the modern day tarot cards as we see them today. He was part of a secret occult society that was influenced by the Egyptian mystic thoughts. As per the known accounts he first came to know about the craft of tarot cards when he saw some people playing tarocchi (a common card game at the time). But Antoine soon realized that there is more to these cards and related their symbolism to Egyptian lore. Soon his occult society adapted these cards and put artwork and symbols on them.


Madame Anne Lenormand (1772-1843)

Ever heard of Lenormand Deck? Not that popular in English speaking countries, this deck is predominantly used by tarot readers in France and Germany. The deck is named after Madame Lenormand who was a popular figure in the 19th century and also known as the best tarot reader in France. Her clientele included Emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine. She was particularly famous for predicting the divorce of Napolean. After she predicted the event, Napoleon ordered her imprisonment but she was released when her prediction was realized. This event made her a legend and earned her well-deserved position in our list of famous tarot readers.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)

Author of the famous book-The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians, Crowley’s tarot cards are considered one of the best by tarot card readers. Lady Frieda Harris painted his tarot cards that he used for divination and psychic readings.



Nostradamus (1503-66)

Nostradamus was the famous psychic reader who is credited with predicting the death of Henry II of France. It is accounted that king neglected his warning and went to war in which he was killed in a jousting accident as prophesied. This is not the only event that made Nostradamus famous, but also for his prediction of the Great Fire of London, assassination of President Kennedy and rise of Hitler.

He claimed to be helped by angel spirits in his journey of clairvoyance. Mostly he did scrying by looking into the fire or a bowl of water but at times he used tarot cards as well, that is why he is in our list of famous tarot readers.

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