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Yes Or No Tarot Card Readings

Yes or no tarot reading is one of the simplest methods to get answers to tough questions. Here is how you can perform this reading.

Many tarot card readers believe that it is not possible for one to answer yes/no questions with tarots. In my experience as a psychic reader, I strongly believe that this assumption is false. Any question can be asked and it is entirely dependent on the ability and knowledge of the reader to get the answer. After my rigorous hustle with tarot card readers, I have reached to the conclusion that one can get very accurate yes/no answer of the tarot. There is more than one way to do it. Here I will share with you the best techniques I and other fellow tarot readers agree on for getting the tarot cards to give a yes or a no.

Before you pick any of the techniques I am going to share to make sure you are ready to accept ‘maybe’ as an answer as well. In some situations reader or a person using tarot spread to get yes/no question answered, out of desperation may ignore what he or she receives from the reading. Remember that mystics is not something you can believe at the same time be ignorant of. Therefore believe and accept the outcome, whether it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

It’s time we start with the techniques

3 card answer with reversals

In this method you reverse (upside down) almost 50% of the tarot cards in the deck. Now you have a deck with half of the cards reversed. Shuffle the cards till you are satisfied as every reader has a different approach towards shuffling the deck. After shuffling draw 3 cards:

  • If all the cards are upright, then answer for your question is a definite ‘yes’.
  • If all the cards are reversed, it’s a definite ‘no’.
  • One upright and two reversed or vice versa implies it’s a maybe (probably yes or no).

3 card story spread

This technique is for the readers with strong intuition. If you have intuitive reading skills than 3 card story spread is the best technique to use to ask for a yes/no question of the tarot. Furthermore, if you are a beginner with acumen for intuitive tarot reading then this technique is one of the best ways to practice reading cards intuitively. In this technique you simply shuffle the deck without reversals. Now randomly pick three cards and lay them in order you pick them. You got a story in front of you now with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Of all 3 cards the last one holds the key.

An advantage of using this technique is if you the first two cards don’t resonate with the situation (question) you asked for, it clearly indicates that the cards will not provide you the answer you are looking for.

1 card quickie

Now this one is a little tricky. Any of the above techniques can be used for this type of yes/no tarot reading. If you choose to go with the first method, then an upright card would mean a yes and a reversed card would be a no. Picking second method for 1 card quickie will require you to fine tune your energy with the energy of the question. Most veteran tarot card readers choose the latter because of its high accuracy.

Using 3 card story spread for this method will require excellent intuitive energy and a lot of practice, but it is the most reliable technique to use.

Aces and 10’s

Another simple method for a yes/no reading, it requires a well shuffled deck. You start pulling cards off the top of the deck till you get an Ace (means a yes) or a  (means a no). You can use only the first 22 cards in this technique. If you do not get an Ace or a 10 after pulling 22 cards, then it implies that tarot cards are not prepared to answer your yes/no question.

What needs attention in this technique is the position of the card where you get a yes or a no. For instance, if you get the card at position no.18 which represents, the Moon, chances is some unknown force is trying to keep you in the dark and the answer is deluding you.

These are the techniques I advise for tarot readers or curious enthusiasts to use to break their yes/no dilemma. For experienced tarot readers, a more complicated method of using the position of the Wheel of Fortune card exists that expands the scope of a simple yes/no reading. This method gives you additional information like the reason behind a yes or a no.

Yes or no tarot card reading is simple yet powerful psychic technique that can help you and others to take tough decisions of life. The only catch is you need to be intuitive and skilled enough to get it right.

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